Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin in the Kitchen

A classic Peter and Daniel, many people ask for e-mail and comments, de aqui no time Only Boys!
It's a movie horny as fuck, the naughty chocolate mix, Condensed Milk, honey and much hot sex. The combination is the most delicious, because you can see that the guys are very horny and it gets even more delicious with very hot leitinho, because and the guys gozam so caralho!
So worth watching, before the film disappears again. rs.

REMEMBER: Practice safe sex, always use condom!.

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Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin in the Kitchen

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37 Responses to “Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin in the Kitchen”
  1. meninopauduro

    Sure after that they were diabetic hahahaha…. Very good these two…

  2. orpheuz

    dude this video is very good kizer someone add me msn orpheus.sapury@hotmail.com I 22anos and 22cm of dowry

    • gatodosexo10

      the onde vc eh? I'm from RS

  3. Luccas

    Without doubt the best publication of all time. Congratulations!!!!!!!

  4. Matthew

    Personal,I'm white,a little teddy bear .. KKK (A POOUCO)passive and virgem! I live in New Baeta-SBC who want to add aê!

    Note.:Short men are healed

  5. Marcelo

    Poooooooha meu….. surely is the best publication I fully agree with Luccas….. already marked this post as favorite here…..

  6. junior

    nosssa mt mt this good video loved the moth exchange ,,, I think tbm qe was the best publication these days parabensss msm

  7. g

    gozei the doce no no pau… adoooooooooooro

  8. rick

    What was that ? good sex fucking and these players are a hit with lust and hotness. eat two

  9. Ricardao

    Nussa it like yes and fuck
    naum and so act
    to see the same with so they tesaum and fire in the tail
    delicious both enjoyed both very sexy
    I want to eat these two horny ass

  10. Taradao

    where do I download this video, does anyone know?

  11. elvis

    that delights

  12. Paul

    Perfect same …two very horny

  13. vinicius

    As always give show these two

  14. 123


  15. James

    DAMN, THIS IS VERY HOT tattooed! I enjoyed fucking, wanted to be in the place of another to make a return exchange with him USAHUASH

    • HARRY louis

      I'm in your house to read the hump well together and I want your cock in my ass

      • Peter

        In two then we will

  16. violet

    that delights

  17. shadow


  18. Safadão

    Where you're going that movie are two friends, one plays a hand job to the other?
    I said in the video q q was the nephew or cousin (q in the comments said qoq touches had retarded guy cuz he laughed very)
    Remember qo guy who had received a hand job a hell pausão.

  19. Safadão

    Fantastic ele em suck just enjoying each other and enjoying each other DOING only in Blowjob.

  20. Elvis

    It seems that the video really stirred the crowd. Very good these 2 males vei,Cute rolas, beautiful and hot asses, only horny. SHOW!!

  21. --

    anyone know of a very good video, is a restaurant in a peaceful place, the waiter serves the man blindfolded, put the stick in the cup whipped cream? is one of the best I've ever seen someone kkk gives a light

  22. C_Gustavo

    Noooosssa, freaked out when they dropped the halter honey on cock! Chupa Feliciano!

  23. Leandro

    Delight video!
    I want to do the same!!!

    • Peter

      Let's take my virgidade

  24. Douglas

    That first congratulate you for the great Marlon site, Thank you so much, Please find where this video http://www.soloboys.tv/solo/sexo-cariocas-sao-safados/ can you help me?

  25. JRS

    Perfect!!!! best video of the year.
    This video is proof that it is worth the lust between two men of that size dick.
    Suck it liabilities.

  26. July

    Marlon… What was that???? Without doubt the BEST I've ever seen here! #Congratulations

    • Marlon Malone

      Very nice, or?

      • July

        I wanted to meet u! haha This peitora

      • July

        Yummy d . I wanted to know was u! haha This breastplate profile…

  27. Orlando

    I hate when these have background music. Through q takes boner

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