Alexandre Frota eating Travesti Bianca

Even today many people question whether the fleet made gay movie. The only thing he did was with Bianca Soares, a scene with transvestite, that it remains too gay, rs.
I posted this movie here and I think that holds true for fans of the guy ;)
Enjoy yourself!

REMEMBER: Practice safe sex, always use condom!.

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Alexandre Frota eating Travesti Bianca

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16 Responses to “Alexandre Frota eating Travesti Bianca”
  1. EU SO RICA!

    the people, alexandre ffrota is luxury neh?
    always dreamed that his jock, ui, I had just!

  2. Ronaldo

    Until it is legal, the bad is that it is a monotonous film, Alexandre Frota only eats, it seems like I'm watching a movie straight, it would be nice if there was an exchange exchange, where Alexander tbm that your ass , to be fucked , licked, suck the dick of transvestite, but he does not even touched on her dick

  3. Dudu

    Our, Alexandre Frota this is very nice, corpão this sweaty, my God, bad move.

  4. Adrielle


  5. Naughty

    Essa adorooo rola delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. dasdsa


  7. Angel

    This fleet has a delicious bites. And fucking fucks too!

  8. fabio

    I'd like instead of detar fleet

    • time

      I eat like he eats the transvestite then… q gets into me or he…

  9. so

    this fleet is a delight, My dream is to eat and he ……….. deliiiiiiicia, SUADAO UUUI

  10. so

    this position it., UUUUUUUUI OOOOOHHHH, cu on the track because of that asphalt FLEET

  11. Tax

    I wanted ta eu no place dela

  12. Tony

    Our Alexandre Frota in this? is a delight this cock sucked and gave todinho always yummy

  13. Peter

    Gave him easy.. kkkkkk

  14. A-

    I think he rubs dick with there dick huh?

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